1000W Power Inverter – Battery Clips – 12VDC to 220V AC

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This 1000W inverter is capable of continuously powering most 220-volt AC products. Its AC output waveform, called “modified-sine wave”, is designed to function similarly to the sine wave shape of utility power. Most AC products such as fan, TV, DVD player, desktop and laptop computers e.t.c can be powered ON by this device.

The inverter receives its operating voltage through the DC plug that fits standard vehicle cigarette lighter sockets and 12-volt power outlets. NOTE: This inverter does not charge your battery.


Key Features:

Input voltage: 12 VDC

Output voltage: 220 VAC

Output frequency: 50 HZ

Output waveform: Modified sine wave

Low battery alarm(nominal): 9.7-10.3V

High battery shutdown point(nominal):14.5-15.5V

Battery drain with no AC load(at 12V input): <0.3A

Peak efficiency.>90%

Dimension (LxWxH): 128x95x55mm


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